Form/Subform Connection

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When clicking through records via a "Next Record" or "Previous Record" button on a form, how can I get the subform record to change along with it? In the picture below my form pulls/inputs information from my Submission Summary table and the subform (the orange-y area) pulls/inputs information from the Submission Details table. 


Sometimes, I'll have to alter an item that has already been entered into the form, but I want to keep a record of the original submission as well as the new submission like below.


If I click the "Next Record" button the form will display both entries of this item #, but the subform doesn't change. 
Currently the form and subform are connected via the item #; I think connecting via the UPC will cause the same problem, and the only other thing I can think of connecting through is the Submission #, but I more often have multiple items on a submission than changes to items that have bene previously entered. 

Any thoughts on how to get my subform to go through the records along with the form? Prefereable without having to get into VBA....because I'm not that advanced.




Kendra Woolridge


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