Access slow after win 10 reinstall

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I have wipe out the dell pc and fresh installed Win 10. Current build is 19041.508.


Problem is from the very beginning after fresh Win 10 install Access is very slow. Access is OK on other pcs. What could be the reason and how can I fix the slow speed on this one pcs?





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What is your build no?
Have you tried performing an Office Repair?
Have you tried updating Office?
Are you connected wirelessly or via cat cable? If the latter, have you tried using another cable? If the former, wireless is a very bad idea with Access.
Is the backend connected via IP address, mapped drive or UNC path?

Hi @Daniel_Pineault 

Build is 19041.508.

Tried sfc and DISM. Found no problems.

I have tried various access runtimes, no luck.

PC is connected via 1GB cable.

Backend connected via mapped drives.


Apart from this particular Windows build which has not been tested on other pcs, all works fine on other pcs. Just this pc is the problem.




The dell pc came preinstalled with Office H&B 2016. After Win 10 reinstall I downloaded Office 2016 from Office site and it was a click and run one. I could not find Windows Installer version of Office 2016 H&B anywhere.


I am beginning to wonder if click and run version of Office is interfering with regular Access runtimes. I installed Access 365 runtime which seems to have made it bit better. It get stuck less now. Still not as good as before though.