Add the current time to a date field in a report footer...

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I've not a lot of experience with Access.  I've a report which has a date field in the footer "=(Now())".  I'd like to add the time to that field.  Ideally I'd like the field to resemble...

"Wed. 27 Jan. 2021  3:53:46 PM

I didn't think it was going to be a big deal to make that (What I thought was a) minor change, but as an octogenarian, most things are more difficult these days.  Thanks for whatever help anyone can offer.



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Not too difficult.  In the Report footer, in Design View select the Date field and select Properties.

In the All tab:


Set Control Source to =Now()

and Format to dddd dd mmmm yyyy hh:nn:ss

dddd gives the day in full eg Wednesday, dd gives the day of the month, mmmm the full month and hh:nn:ss hour, minutes and seconds.

I get: 


with this format.


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Thank you.  Your instructions were/are spot on.  If you'd indulge a  further query...  Can you point me to a source for the complete date format options?  I'd really like to eliminate the military time in favor of AM/PM.


Thanks again.






Skip the AM/PM query. I figured it out....not the solution, but more iomportant the way to FIND the solution. You've been a big help. I appreciate it.