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I track the value of several stocks each week.  I have a table which includes Client ID, Stock ID, Week Date, Number of Shares and Stock Price (from another table).

I want the table to have a an added record (line item) each week so I can calculate Rates of Return for several different time periods.

I have built the query that provides all the information, but I would like to have Access automatically generate the new record each week.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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If I am correctly a query gives the information for you?

Then create a query or edit your existing query for inserting the values into a table. To make it more fancy you can build a form with an event like onload, what is checking out if the insert is done for that week and if not then do it. Even possible to do that with several weeks in one time if you did not use the database for more then a week ;)  


Access can do almost anything :))  Just develop your skills and enjoy the possibillities