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How can I automatically populate and show the "Day" in a separate field which corresponds to the date chosen in the date field.

ie. select 28/09/2020 in date field and also populate the day field to show Monday.

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Use another unbound control and use the Format function to display the value in the format you would like.

=Format([FieldName], "The Format You Want")

Thanks for the reply. The way I need the info is having a date field and a day field. At present I choose the day from a drop down but want to automate it. When I choose a date , I want the day to populate another field . The idea is that later, I can use the day field for employee daily work loading @Daniel_Pineault 



you don't need a separate field (in the table) for the day as you can always let it be shown from any date you have. e.g. to show the day in a separate text box on the form:


  1. create a new text box and set its control source to: =YourDateField
  2. set the Format property of the text box to: dddd

So, to show the day is just a matter of formatting the date.


I'm not sure that I get exactly what you mean by

> ...later, I can use the day field for employee daily work loading


If this means you have to "extract" and analyze the days you probably can use the Weekday function e.g. in a calculated column of a query.


Access FAQ (German/Italian):

@Karl Donaubauer  I created a query to show employee jobs per day. I then use this to generate a report which shows me which employee to use next. This enables me to not overuse one employee.  

What I want is when I choose the date using the date picker it automatically pulls in the day for that date chosen.