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Where do i send ideas for windows 10 to their developers?  Tried the help desk and they sent me here and then disconnected the chat before they could send me to the appropriate place....


Simply put id like the ability to set up backgroud wallpapers that a

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Give the Feedback Hub a try.


In Cortana search bar, type "Feedback Hub". You may have to sign in with your Microsoft account and from there you can submit your requests f

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I am unable to see thumbnail images in Window file Explorer of photos on my  Nexus 6P Android cellphone when I connect the phone via USB cable to my Win10 Pro desktop.


This makes it very difficult to move/copy photos to my desktop from the phone because I

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Since installing the Creators Update, Windows Defender will not start, and throws a 577 error when trying to manually start the required services. Anyone else work through this?

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Do you have any 3rd party AV software installed?

I have a brand new laptop and there are only very few applications installed  but it is taking soooo long to open any applications.


What should I do?

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Please give a look to Task Manager / Performance.

Is the CPU, or perhaps the Disk, at 100% ?

Since in build 1703 MS pushed mail icon in Taskbar (user confuses it with Outlook, thank you very much MS ;)) we have a need to manage taskbar content in enterprices, with Group Policy or SCCM.


I know that current method is to export-startlayout, add manu

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Still waiting to some MS staff to comment this, is there any plans? At least, please remove the Mail icon from 1703 build.

Comprehensive yet quick video overview that explains how you can safely and non-destructively convert a Windows 10 machine from legacy BIOS to UEFI disk partitioning; and how you can automate the conversion as part of your in-place upgrade process from Wi

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I understand that the MBR2GRT.exe will support versions of Win 10 previous to 1703 and should work when booted from a Win PE 1703 disk.


So I downloaded & install Windows

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Tried a lot. 

I am getting an "unrecognized partition error".

Capture.PNGThis is my partition setup.



I have attached the log files below.

Somebody please help :(

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I accidentally deleted the MSR partition from the drive when downloading Windows. Should I recreate the MSR? If so, does anyone know how to do it?

Does this work for Home or Pro versions of Windows 10? Or just enterprise?

Error while validating Disk

C:\WINDOWS\system32>mbr2gpt /allowFullOS /validate
MBR2GPT: Attempting to validate disk 0
MBR2GPT: Retrieving layout of disk
MBR2GPT: Validating l

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I have read that Microsoft Windows 10 is the last Microsoft Windows OS for PCs and Mobiles and they said "They're will be no Windows 11 after Windows 10 so as Microsoft Windows 10 is Microsoft as a service they are releasing major updates during mainstrea

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Thanks kenneth A ball for your advice- it helped me to get my icons back on screen - your advice was an excellent starting point!

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Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) Available in VLSC - http://bit.ly/2qpfY9t 



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In order to download and install Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) without any error you must follow some tips:


  1. Make sure your system has enough memory for this u
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Hi all,


Can anyone at MS confirm if Enterprise State Roaming works in the LTSB version of windows 10? (1607)

We need to use LTSB in our Citrix farm as server 2016 does not support ESR.



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Thanks Nathan, This is purely for the roaming of IE favorites for our end users.
it should be, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 is built off v1607 which includes ESR.
Every session and every discussion we discuss about the same topic. Now it is your chance to discuss and close the topic for all times :)
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Not sure if I am missing anything but from what I can see the update 1703 for Entreprise is not available currently and certainly from looking on my Windows 10 enterprise installation it is not an option to download even with the update assistant.


The odd

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It sounds like you are trying from Windows Update, it is published there but the rollout is throttled/staggered, so not every PC sees it at the same time. It will also be

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