Skilling snack: Windows Entra joined devices
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What is an Entra joined device? Whether you first knew them as Azure AD-joined devices, or whether you’re new to the whole concept, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about the process and implications of joining your devices to your Microsoft Entra ID.

An Entra joined device is a resource that can be located either in the cloud or on premises. It’s similar to an Entra registered device, except that while a registered device can be accessed without an organizational account, a joined device requires an organizational account to sign in. Scroll down to explore whether Entra joined devices are the right choice for your organization.

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Microsoft Entra joined devices

View an in-depth description of Entra joined devices and how an organization might go about making use of them.

(3 mins)

Devices + Entra + Passwordless + Security


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Jump into modern managed devices with Entra Join

Hear about how to use Entra to access on-premises resources and take full advantage of your Windows cloud experience.

(15 mins)

Devices + Azure + SSO + MDM



Cloud transformation posture

Take a broader look at the world of Microsoft identity and access management (IAM), comparing and contrasting the benefits of Microsoft Entra ID with Active Directory and other Microsoft tools. Learn about the five states of transformation, and what transformation to the cloud means for your organization.

(10 mins)

Devices + Entra + IAM + Cloud


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To AAD Join or Not … That is the Question

Are joined devices right for you? Should you use Entra joined devices or hybrid Entra joined devices? Explore your options here.

(7 mins)

Azure + Active Directory + Cloud + AAD



Learn more about cloud-native endpoints

Learn all about cloud-native endpoints, their benefits, and how to get started with your own cloud-native endpoint experience.

(5 mins)

Endpoints + Azure + Cloud + MDM


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Azure AD vs. Hybrid Azure AD: myth vs. reality

Compare and contrast the benefits of Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Hybrid Entra ID, and bust a few of the myths surrounding these tools.

(33 mins)

Azure + Cloud + Device Management + Identity Models + Entra


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Microsoft Entra joined vs. Hybrid Microsoft Entra joined in cloud-native endpoints

Evaluate whether Microsoft Entra joined or Hybrid Microsoft Entra joined is the right choice for your organization.

(10 mins)

Entra + Cloud + MDM + Endpoints

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