We’ve just published the latest Skype Academy training on Meeting Migration Service (MMS). If you want to learn about what Meeting Migration Service is, how to use it and what impact it has on users, check out the latest Skype Academy training by @Nick Smith (TEAMS), Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Customer and Deployment team.


Meeting Migration Service automatically sends meeting updates to all meeting invitees when an admin moves the user who is hosting the meeting from on-premises to online or when those users are enabled for Cloud PSTN Conferencing. The new service removes the need for users to run the Meeting Migration tool locally to send meeting updates for all future meetings.

Watch the readiness presentation to learn more about the scenarios when the Meeting Migration Service is invoked, when the Meeting Migration Tool is still required, how to plan for the best user experience, and reporting capabilities to report on the result of Meeting Migration Service processing.



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Does the MMS update all meetings (including ones in the past) or just future one-time meeting and reocurring meetings? I could see where someone having multiple years of Skype meetings sending out updates and causing confusion.


EDIT - Nevermind, I see here that only future meetings are target, not ones in the past.