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Hello everyone,


Just wanted to announce that SharePoint Webhooks is now Generally Available. First announced in preview in September, Webhooks is now ready for developers to use against production sites.


Webhooks are based on industry standard pattern

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Postman always gives bad request, not sure what wrong I have done in step1 of Adding Azure Application. Can someone help?

Thanks for sharing...


Hi Mike,


Is there any option to implement webhooks on Office Videos?


Currently in our scenario, we have written an timerjob which has some Office Video Portal API logic t

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Is there an estimated time of bringing this one to SP2016?

We have some stale users on site/list objects that when trying to write to a new location a PNP saved site xml thows an exception for users that don't exist.  "ServerException:  The specified user <username> could not be found".


I was going to modify the

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I found this very interesting blog about creating a chart in a Sharepoint page:




I tried to do this in my situation with my own list. Could not get it working. So I tried to create the exact same thing as in

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I'm using a SharePoint list grouped view to show FAQ's, so the view is grouped by "Question" and users can expand the question to see the answer. I'm trying to find a way to hide the item counts - as explained on this page. I would also like to hide the c

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that technique is using jQuery library, so you need to include that library to your pages: &lt;script src"....jquery.js"... you can do that in some different ways, like c... Read More


SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - PnP Core, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group (SIG) weekly call recording for the 22nd of February meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos. Pres

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Hi All,


I encountered an issue when trying to save off a template using ProvisioningTemplate.  Whenever I have a custom column or list name with non-xmlable characters in them I get an exception XmlException was unhandled.  The expected token is ;


This ha

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Seems SecurityElement.Escape  isn't the solution it also replaces <>   :(   



Is it possible to create a pnp provisioning file with a folder structure for a library by using Convert-PnPFolderToProvisioningTemplate or doesn't the current provisioning enging support pnp packages with folders? I have tried with several options but

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Good day,


As the topic state I am tring to figure out how i can apply branding to a modern team site, and can the powershell command below be used to get apply said branding to another modern teamsite



also can we use the exten

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Currently the only supported way for branding modern team sites are through custom themes. The article below describes all supported modern team site customizations (amon

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Is there any news on the support for publishing pages by the pnp provisioning engine.

if this functionality is not for the near future, any suggestions on how best to complement the provisioning (the provisioning is done using the powershell cmdlets)



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You can provision Publishing Pages using PnP, see an example below:


<pnp:File src="mypublishingpage.aspx" Folder="{site}/Pages" Overwrite="true">
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Here's a reusable starter kit for site provisioning solution for SharePoint Online! Get it on GitHub.


SharePoint 6 440x220.jpg

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Hi guys,


thank you so much for this great starter pack.

I'm stumbilng into an odd issue though and it might be just me not being Visual Studio savvy. Long story short I ha

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Hi guys,


We are experiencing a problem with a client, on a SharePoint Online site, which has first release enabled on their Office 365 tenancy.


Our Solution is a fully branded intranet, which uses a custom master page/css/etc. Part of the solution was to

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This issue appears to have been fixed by Microsoft now and now works with first release on all our tenancies.

We are seeing issues when creating new sites via the PnP Core extension method AddSiteCollection. We are seeing this on several customer tenants.

Can someone confirm that this is once again a SPO issue or has something changed in the PnP code that I am not

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I am gettting this error as well and all i am doing is seting the properies for the new site collection and using this code to attempt the creation. 



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I was just checking the PnP code for sitecollection creation (we are using the CreateSiteCollection tenant extension method: https://github.com/SharePoint/PnP-Sites-Core/blob/master/Core/OfficeDevPnP.Core/AppModelExtensions/TenantExtensions.cs

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We are also seeing this issue. It's extremely frustrating as we are trying to deliver a robust provisioning solution to our customers but are impeded by this seemingly in

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Same issue. Sporadic error, hard to repeat, too. Noticed it happening when the tenant load/usage is higher.  Went and implemented the workaround with the loop.

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@Oliver Zeiser,

In general you get these error messages when multiple things update the same object.


So typically you could get this error when you create a site collectio

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I am using SharePointPnPCore2013 Nuget Package to create a template xml using the method explained at the video below.



However, i get an error "Field or property "Aud

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Thank you @Vesa Juvonen I am using the Nuget Package for SharePoint On Premise named "SharePointPnPCore2013" . I installed June 2016 CU and that seems to have helped. It ... Read More
Hi Paul Thank you for your inputs. I was able to get rid of this error by installing June 2016 CU on my SharePoint on premise environment. It works fine now and TemplateX... Read More

This seems to be due the fact that some of the CSOM properties are not available in on-premises, which are available in SharePoint Online. This particular code sample is

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Hi Prasad, so code is running fine on Office365? did you change the library to On premm with PNP? @Vesa Juvonen any idea? Read More
Hi Paul. Thank you for getting back to me. Answers below. 1. I get an error while exporting the site 2. It is a POC. So I have created a site collection using OOB Team si... Read More

Is it possible to localize provisioning templates with resx-file when XMLSharePointTemplateProvider is used? 



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Hi All,


I have used PnPTimerjob Framework  to sync data between two data sources in office365 suite. This job was published to azure webjob and configured to run on recurring basis.


Though job is working as expected, but when I checked the azure webjob lo

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There is an automatic timeout for timer jobs. Depending on your settings and your code, the following could be the cause (not limited to those, but some bullets to check)

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I just upgraded to the latest PnP PowerShell release ( Feb 2017) exporting my template gives me template that includes:

<property name="ItemTemplateId" type="string">{site}</property>


When I manually export the web part in sharepoint I get:

<property name="

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I took a quick look and I'm pretty sure the issue is caused by one of the following lines from ObjectPageContents.cs in OfficeDevPnP.Core


//some webparts already contains
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Hi Pieter,


I've seen the same thing


Thanks for submitting an issue!