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Check what has happened cross SharePoint Dev guidance and community work during past month. Big thanks to all the contributors!


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I need to be able to programmatically set the default ComplianceInfo for a document library which via the UI is Settings \ Apply label to items in this list or library (Apply Label). 


I can see CSOM methods for a list item via ListItemAllFields.Complian

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I am building a new SharePoint list (we use SharePoint online) and in that list I have a lookup to Department.  This also captures the department ID number.  The next field I have is Positions.  I also have a DepartmentalPositions list (separately) that I

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The answer here is: it depends...if you are working with classic UI, you can achieve this by means of JSLINK or JS injected in the new / edit form. If you are working wit... Read More
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Morning everyone,


We are in the middle of process of preparing migration our logic from typicall react components (React, Typescript and so on) to SPFx components and we are trying to make them maintainable as much as possible. So, I have several questi

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TSLint rules is really up to you, but I would stick to the ones that come with SPFx solutions instead of using the ones you mentioned.
TSLint config files are created insi... Read More



Any possibility in #SPFx (on modern pages) to create a custom item list web part with real context menu as in the default item list?
OR inheriting from the new list web part and customizing it?

This one:



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No with modern list view / document library webparts

How does the mobile app determine who can see the navigation?

I am opening a site on the mobile app with a test user and I only see Recent Files and Lists. When I login I can see Home and Recent as well as what the user sees.

If I assign the test user as

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I'm not sure if I follow you here...If I open the SharePoint Mobile App, I see the frequent sites I have visited and then the sites I'm following...but anything else



I would like to develop a module which could customize the ribbon irrespective of UI

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Sorry, but this is something not possible Today...you have to develop separate components for each UI type

I apologize if this has been asked before, but if deploying an update to a SharePoint Framework package (either web parts or extension) deployed to a tenant App Catalog, does the package always need to be redeployed to the App Catalog or is it possible to

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IMHO, you have to update the full package

Hello World!

May I know what is the best practise for me to have Custom Application Deploy in SharePoint Online? For example, Vehicle/Room/Asset Booking System, Custom Leave/HR Application, Custom Claim form etc.. Any steps / guide for me to follow? Any sa

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Hi i am very new to sharepoint.
i was able to access the sharepoint online services via REST API's.
I am Node.js programmer.

Can any one please help me out with or give some advice on how to access the resources which are on an On-Premise share point via RES

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Hey Harish,


There are a plenty of libraries for SharePoint and Node.js.

I can highlight a couple that might be handy:


node-sp-auth - make it seamless authenticating

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Is it possible to remove the left hand navigation bar from a modern team site so that If I use a Hero Web Part it can take up the whole of the screen ?


Then can I put the old search box in the top right hand corner of the screen and point it to a class

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Here is my scenario if you keep creating a template of a site and create a site with that template it fails on the third occurrence with below message.

  1. Create new site for e.g. "RaviSite01"
  2. Create copy of "RaviSite01" named "RaviSite02"
  3. Create copy of "R
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Do you also have the XML of your template?



I am trying to install Visual Studio Code on my 12" iPad Pro - so there is pleanty of poke there.

I find the Visual Studio Code downloads and I click on Down Load for Mac and I get a zip file !!!!

How can I install this zip file on my iPad ?





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Unfortunately no, because iOS - the operating system on iPads and iPhones - is not the same as macOS (formerly known as Mac OS X), the operating system for MacBooks, iMac

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Theres 2 projects:


  An outdated version of vscode integrated with github

- https://github.com/alm-tools/alm

  Monaco editor with some b

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You can't as far as I'm aware. The iPad is just a tablet. Despite what Apple tells you, it isn't yet a full laptop replacement. So unless it's in the App Store, you won't... Read More

I'm trying to use the PowerShell cmdlets and add my own extensibility handlers when using the Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate cmdlet.


I use the following PowerShell commands in the same directory as my custom class library:


$handler1 = New-PnPExtensbility
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I think it is caused by the schema you are trying to use. i thought the 201801 would be available starting in februari. try 201705

Hi Team,


I'm SharePoint developer exploring SharePoint 2016 Client Web part. As part of my exploration I've come across there are some custom Edit Pane Properties already created like Text Box, Button, Toggle, Checkbox e.t.c to customize the web part ed

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What about developing a SPFx WebPart? SPFx supports taxonomy properties in the WebPart Pane
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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to generate an anonymous access link for a document (ideally looking to do for a list item too - as a separate point if anyone knows how).


I'm wanting to run this REST query in a Flow but at the moment i'm just testing in Postman l

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Hi All,


Starting last Friday we started to receive an significant increased amount of 429 responses from requests made with CSOM from our SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-in. The same started to occur on multiple tenants at the same time and is now a prob

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Adding here @Vesa Juvonen

With the latest releases of PnP PowerShell I've tried exporting sites ( Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate) and then apply the template to another site Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate.  When I do this I noticed that the colours configured within "Site Settings - > C

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When I look at the composed looks in Office 365 the Current composed look seems to be linked to the selected composed look.




Within SharePoint 2016 it looks like the

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I am exited to see that Azure AD secured web apis can be used from SPFx web parts



What is not clear is whether this will work with external users. Sa

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I have a file mystrings.d.ts which contains :-

  declare interface IReactSearchBoxStrings {
  PropertyPaneSearchOptions: string;
  BasicGroupName: string;
  DefaultSearchResultsPageUrlFieldLabel: string;
  EnableCustomSearchPlaceholderLabel: string;
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This is due to yeoman 1.4.0 using TypeScript 2.4.2 which starts to phase out .d.ts and @Typings.


So to fix rename "MyStrings.d.ts" to IReactSearchBoxStrings,ts.  Change

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Hi to all, I'm new in this topic. How can I build some function/subroutine that aim to cross some customs lists and append results into another one? 

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Can you elaborate more what you need to do?


SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - General SharePoint Development Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly call recording from January 11th meeting is now available from the PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos. 


Topics covered on J

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I have a script with the new-pnpsite cmdlet that has been working, I just ran it again I'm getting an error that App-Only is currently not supported.  Does anyone know what would cause this or how to fix it?



@Erwin van Hunen


It turns out that t

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Also fails in the latest version:
SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline 2.22.1801.0

Is there any way to extract all of the different configuration settings at the tenant level from the SPO Admin Center, i.e., external sharing, search, access control, etc?


I don't see anything available in the Graph and the properties returned by Get-SP

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Have you tried through CSOM? If the API does not have what you need, then there is no way via API to get it

If you've been keeping watch on the new SharePoint Framework you have undoubtedly read or experienced the dichotomy of extremely basic "Hello World" articles and if not basic, then articles written by hard core-code-ninja programmers.

If you’re a Designer

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We have a custom application built for end users to request a new site for our on premise SharePoint environment. Now we are migrating to Office 365 and it would be a hybrid environment. In this context, we would like to use our custom application link on

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Sorry, but you cannot currently customize the SPO landing page