Updated guidance for upgrading from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

We are excited to announce updates to our online guidance designed to enable customers to plan and implement a successful upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.

Incorporating learnings from real customer engagements and various community feedback to enhance and simplify, this new and improved guidance offers:

  • A streamlined end-to-end approach, making it easier to navigate our proven success framework for implementing change
  • A “Get started” FAQ to highlight quickly the value of upgrading to Teams as well as when and how to take the next step in your journey
  • A sample upgrade timeline that takes you from the pre-upgrade phase where you will plan and prepare for your upgrade, through the upgrade and into the post-upgrade phase, designed to sustain and amplify your outcomes.
  • A summary of key considerations when preparing to upgrade your tenant and users to Teams Only mode.
  • Supplemental deep dive technical resources around coexistence, interoperability, and migration.


Call to action

Leverage guidance, best practices, and downloadable resources at https://aka.ms/SkypeToTeams to support your journey from Skype for Business to Teams. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments section.


And when you start planning on how to migrate Skype to Teams, also consider the human side.

EdX Adoption Specialist course (free, if you don't take the certification) gives you good guidance how to progress & adapt Teams into use efficiently.


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@Laszlo Somi  glad things are getting easier.

Per this article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/MicrosoftTeams/teams-and-skypeforbusiness-coexistence-and-interoper...

Can you tell us when the “Skype for Business with Teams collaboration” and “Skype for Business with Teams collaboration and meetings”  modes be available?

New Contributor

Will the proximity work with customers who have cisco video endpoints deployed.

Many of enterprise customers are on cisco video platform using VCS or CUCM centric deployements.

This cannot be changed overnight, moreover cisco webex is also offering proximity with their devices.


However if there will be interworking for cisco devices then it would be easier to convince users to move off of it.


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You should also mention that Teams can't communicate with Skype because Microsoft canned that feature. For us, this is a dealbreaker.


@Mave922  The modes are already available in Powershell. The portal enablement is targeted the first quarter of this year. 





@DanielThomann , Are you referring to Skype consumer? In that case, correct at this time there is no connectivity between Teams and Skype consumer. 

Are there any plans for Teams Call Queues to reach parity with Skype for Business on-prem Response Groups. Mostly interested in presence based call routing. Ringing all users that are available and longest idle.

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Currently there is no interop between Cisco VC infrastructure (CMS) and Teams, whereas it works fine with S4B. This is a killer for us, will it be addressed?