STB13_Chris_03.pngCreating Microsoft Teams meetings just got easier with this handy Outlook calendaring integration.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve released an add-in for Outlook that allows you to schedule Microsoft Teams meetings from Outlook.


How it works

In your calendar view in Outlook, you will now see a new button called “New Teams Meeting.” Clicking this button opens a new Outlook invite that includes the coordinates for your Microsoft Teams meeting, which you can customize with your meeting details. Once saved, this meeting will show up in both the meeting list within your Microsoft Teams client and in your Outlook calendar. Invited participants will also have this invite on their calendar and will be able to join the meeting from either Teams or the Outlook calendar invite – all they have to do is simply click the link from within the invite or switch to the Teams client and click on the meeting link there.


Add-In Screen Shot.png


The add-in will be automatically installed for users who have Microsoft Teams and either Office 2013 or Office 2016 installed on their Windows PC. If you do not want the add-in to appear, you can learn how to manage Outlook add-ins here.


The Teams Outlook Add-in requires users to sign-in to Teams using Modern Authentication. If a user does not use this method to sign-in, they’ll still be able to use the Teams client but will be unable to schedule Teams online meetings using the Outlook add-in. Users can rectify this by doing the following:

  • If Modern Authentication is not configured for their organization, they should ask their IT Admin to configure Modern Authentication
  • If Modern Authentication is configured, but they cancelled out on the dialog - they should re-sign-in using multi-factor authentication

You can learn more about Modern Authentication in Microsoft Teams here.


Things to keep in mind

We’re still building out new functionality in this experience, so please keep the following in mind:

  • Currently, you can only invite people from within your company, as it is not yet possible for external users to join meetings.
  • The add-in is for scheduled meetings with specific participants, not for meetings in a channel. Channel meetings must be scheduled from within Teams. As of right now, the Outlook add-in is only available for Windows users, but support for Mac is coming.
  • The add-in will not work if an Authentication Proxy is in the network path of user's PC and Teams Services.


You can find more information about meetings in Microsoft Teams here: Meetings and calling


Next Steps:

  • Try scheduling a meeting with the new add-in!
  • Let your users know about the add-in
  • Let us know what you think of the add-in by asking questions or discussing with us in the community



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Good work.






Im running the latest C2R Outlook 2016 and Teams build and cant see the addin?

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I just sorted this by closing Outlook and then signing out of Teams and making sure it's properly shut. Then started Teams and signed in (using modern auth) and then started Outlook. Now I have the Teams button in Outlook.




Good find Matt. That worked for me also, albeit my login credentials were cached and i had enabled MA on my tenant a few weeks ago. Logging out of the client and then back in using MA resolved this and now i can see the addin.


Good feature :)




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Very much anticipated feature! But...IMHO I would say getting this for the OWA and Mobile is priority, not the Outlook client at all actually. Not saying this since I am a Mac user but mainly since I only use OWA for the many great web features as well as mobile and more and more users are doing that.

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"As of right now, the Outlook add-in is only available for Windows users, but support for Mac is coming."


Do we have a timeline on this? I have not seen it in Insider version 15.29.

Still no timeline for Outlook plugin for Teams on MacOS platform?

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Why i cant see In my calendar in Outlook a new button called “New Teams Meeting.”  All needed programs are installed.

Occasional Visitor

Any update on when this function will be available for MacOS platform? 


I am unable to see it in my Outlook calendar. I have reinstalled Office and Teams, both are up to date. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Hello, I now see the "New Teams Meeting" which is great, however I no longer see the "New Skype Meeting". Is there a way to have both options on the ribbon? This a major inconvenience as I have been unable to have some team members join meetings due to application or no phone dial in. Thank you! 

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when is this add-on going to be available for MacOS? we are experiencing severe connectivity issues with SfB and no issues with Teams, and would like to go this direction ASAP. 

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@Nishanth Nadarajah Is there a timeline for outlook add-in for MacOS for scheduling Teams meetings?

Hi @Atul Chauhan, you can track updates for: Microsoft Teams - Outlook meeting schedule from other platforms (OWA, OLK mobile) in the Office 365 roadmap to stay up to date. Currently it listed for this calendar year as the targeted release. 

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Hi @Atul Chauhan,


Is there any release date for the Outlook iOS app integration? When I am creating a meeting from my phone, I only have the option for Skype meeting, but no Teams meeting.

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Will this work with Outlook 2010?

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Would be nice to have the ability to disable the Outlook plug-in at company level per GPO or something else, as this is very confusing for our users who are used to plan Skype meetings.


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Can't wait until this functionality comes to OWA as well!


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@Nishanth Nadarajah  -- the roadmap says end of Q2 2018 calendar year for 'Microsoft Teams - Outlook meeting schedule from other platforms (OWA, OLK mobile)'

Can you confirm for us if mac users should now see the MS Teams Add-In in Outlook? If they should but currently don't, what are the recommended steps?





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Do you have any plans to add a "Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App" link on the Outlook plugin for Teams? I think it's helped some of our users out in the past.


@Nishanth Nadarajah Hi Nishanth.  Is the Outlook add-in for Teams available in APAC?  Not able to find this in the Manage Add-in option.

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 What is the status for Mac users. When will it be available?

New features not yet available?
I can't associate the meeting with a channel on Teams! ... although it is not possible from outlook online :(

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Will there be a PowerShell cmdlet to bulk create meetings?