Atlassian cloud products such as Jira Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, Confluence Cloud are already integrated in Microsoft Teams. We have heard your requests, and today we are pleased to announce that we will be enhancing our suite of DevOps integrations with the release of V1 of Jira Server integration.


Connector for Jira Server

The Jira Server connector uses built-in Webhooks functionality of Jira Server that doesn’t require third party Jira app installation. It can be easily configured by your Jira Server admin.


Jira Server Connector can notify you on the following events:

  • Issue Created
  • Issue Updated

Once the event is triggered, the Jira connector will submit the card with the following issue details:

  • Clickable Issue summary
  • Short description of the event
  • Priority
  • Issue type
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Reporter
  • CommentJira_Server_Connector.gif


There are also JQL filters available that allow our customers to submit notifications only for specific Jira projects or specific issues.


How to get started

Install the Jira Server from Microsoft Teams app store. Use the instructions and the connector URL provided on the connector configuration page. To set up a Webhook on your Jira Server you will need the Jira Server admin rights. If you don’t have the admin rights, you will need to contact your IT department to help you with Webhook installation. Admin has to configure firewall to allow outgoing traffic from Jira Server instance to Teams Connector app i.e. specifically need to add the address record of ‘connectors.msteams-atlassian.com’ to any sort of whitelist that controls network egress traffic.


When will this be available for all tenants? The link provided only gives a "We couldn't find the app" error in Teams. :smileyfrustrated:



@gsahlstrom - If the link provided isn't taking you to Jira Server app, that means your tenant admin has disabled 3P apps. Please work with your tenant admin to get the apps enabled. Thanks!

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This could be useful in some situations, but for most of us it's just SPAM. 


What would be really useful, is to be able to post/mention a Jira issue and it automatically convert to a link, and optionally post a summary, when discussing soemthing.  I can do it slack (via a third-party bot)

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Thanks for sharing this. I tried this out and it works well.


I find it will be useful when it allows


1. To post messages in multiple teams pages. Usecase....Customer Support team, build team are interested in defect progress while Development team is working on...i.e. Post message in Customer Support team and build team's page and also post in product development team 


2. Allow posting messages to multiple channels of same page.


3. Ability to create new channel for each Jira ticket


@Slarti It totally depends on the use case. Not sure generalization can be done on usefulness based on your use case. Thank you for your feedback. This is the V1 of the app. We are actively working on bringing additional features and functionalities to the app.






Hi @HariJ Thanks for you feedback, glad to know its working as expected for you! Please see responses to your questions below


1. By multiple team pages - do you mean by multiple channels? If yes, then you can go ahead and configure  connector to each of the development, customer support team channel etc. and then they all will be notified based on the activity. You can choose to configure connector different for each of the channel. For ex: product team is notified when item is created and sales team is notified when item is updated etc.


2. 'Allow posting messages to multiple channels of same page' -  Your message will be posted to every channel where the connector is configured. If the connector is configured for Jira Project X in 3 different channels - All of those channels will receive the update


3. 'Ability to create new channel for each Jira ticket' - This is interesting feedback. Will add to our backlog and will review with the team.

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This is great!  I was running the Jira connector to jira server, that appeared to work well enough.


I'd like to see new functionality such as:

1.  For daily standups, be able to pull the agile or Kanban boards into a new tab for the channel.

2.  Be able to create a ticket in teams

3.  Be able to send comments to tickets to teams

4.  Be able to reference a jira ticket and teams returns the ticket details.  Perhaps this command could also have switches to pull latest comment, all comments, etc.

5.  Be able to see all the tickets i'm assigned (or perhaps others by command switch) and their status

6.  Be able to update ticket status (ie, close).  If Jira workflow requires a comment with close, to be smart enough to prompt for comment in the close command. … ie.  Jira IT-1414 status = close, comment = restarted the server and life goes on.



@Gregory Van Den Ham Thank you for the feedback! Our upcoming releases for Jira Server integration will address some of the feedback listed above.


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Really want to test the Jira server connector. But i cannot find it in the Teams Store *NL.

Where/When will it be available?


@nickrusman - Could you please make sure 3P apps are enabled for your tenant? You may have to work with tenant admin for that


This functionality was already working for us.  It's just one-way notifications via a webhook.  What I would like is to search for issues, create issues, and comment on issues.  Echoing what other's have already posted.


@Earl Zirkle - As I've mentioned in my previous comments, this is V1 of the integrations. We are actively working on bringing additional functionalities for Server app and will soon have parity with Jira Cloud app which would address all the items you mentioned above. Would appreciate if you can use Jira Server connector instead of webhook and provide feedback to us, if there's any. 

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As Gregory Van Den Ham mentionned, we would also like a integration with Jira software agile board.  Example you would be able to see your column of jira agile directly in teams.  It could be choosing a rapid board linked for a channel.






Question- Is it possible for the activity (which posts the create/ update from JIRA to Teams) to be project specific? Or is it all JIRA tickets at this time? 


**If it is not currently possible to restrict the initiating activity by Project, I would like to recommend this for the teams backlog. The user story would be something like: 

"As an IT team member working on Project X, I would like a notification/ comment to appear in our Teams Channel for Project X whenever a ticket is created or updated so that we can all be adequately notified of new or changed work" 


Thank you!

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Hi @Paige Elmore,


Basically, you should be able to apply JQL filter for the Jira webhook configuration that is configured for the Connector. In the webhook configuration there is a text input field which accepts the JQL filter. You can specify something like:

project = "my project key"

Save the configuration for the webhook, and the connector will trigger issue created/updated events only for the filtered project.




Was fairly easy to set up and is working well but can the functionality be expanded to include worklogs and comments, not just issues.

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Thanks this works great on Jira on prem. Can  we do samething for conflucne on prem as well ? I do not see option to add web hook on confluence.

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I don't see this solution in our marketplace.

Is it a paid solution?


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What is the difference between 'Jira Server' and 'Jira' in the connectors in MS Teams?  Which one do I setup up to notify/integrate with my channels?

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@Amit Oberoi  when will a new version of this be available that includes the bot and allows adding a JIRA tab to a channel?

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Does this mean that every "Team" or "Channel" needs it´s own webhook in JIRA (server version)  ?

Are there possibilities to change the issuedetails which is shown in MS Teams ? 

Regards Susanne 


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I do not think anyone is monitoring this page as I have had my question posted here since 4/8/2019.


I was Atlassian summit when your first message came, @ToddMilano so missed it. Sorry for the delay. Jira is for 'Jira Cloud', Jira Server is for 'Jira Sever'. I see this is confusing and will work with our connector team to fix this.


@pcallies - We are actively working on it and hopefully in next few weeks we will have Jira Server parity with Jira Cloud.


@Warme5911 - Any channel that you want to be notified needs to have its own webhook configured. With next release you should be able to change issue details either via tab or bot. 

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@Amit Oberoi, what is the status of Jira Server Integration?  I don't see anything but Jira Cloud available for Team apps. 


@JMill208 Jira server ME is ready and should be out very soon. Parity with Jira Cloud will be done in next 4-6 weeks. Thanks!

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@Amit Oberoi is parity with Jira Cloud still on schedule to be released in the next couple of weeks? 


@gmargosian Yes, we are on track! Messaging Extension capability is coming out in a few days. 

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@Amit Oberoi looking at the about in the add-in it says it's written by SoftServe, Inc. (Version 2019.1.10) .. were they commissioned by yourselves or Atlassian or is it actually 3rd party plugin?


Working for a large enterprise there were questions about the app developer when I sent your article to our admins.  

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@Amit Oberoi  Does the JIRA Server Connector allow creation of JIRA tickets within MS Teams as JIRA Cloud Connector allows?  If not, is there an ETA?

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Are there any plans to visualize JIRA dashboards from Teams?





@hhuynh430, We are actively working on it. Expect it to be out in next few weeks.


@MeahanH It is on our backlog. Don't have any timelines to share at this point.