NEW! An Enhanced Experience with Atlassian’s Confluence Cloud is Now Available!

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Recently released Confluence Cloud integration for Microsoft Teams has just been enhanced. With this new update it is now possible to:

  • Pin a Confluence page as a tab in Teams channel.
  • Create a Confluence child page or blog post from the pinned tab in Teams channel.

In our previous iteration we provided experience with Messaging Extension that brought search and reference to Confluence Cloud pages in the form of interactive cards.


Open a Confluence page in a Teams tab

You may now add a tab to your team channel with the Confluence page. Whether it is your project overview page, some specific product documentation, blog post or any other document that you’d like to quickly refer to – you can now use tab capability of the Confluence app and add the page as Microsoft Teams tab.




Create Confluence Child page from Microsoft Teams

Whether the child page includes meeting notes or a quick write-up, this new enhancement allows you to save the child page within project documentation – directly from the Teams Confluence tab itself.




Microsoft Teams now also provides support for creating Confluence blog posts from within the Confluence tab.


How to get started

Install the Confluence Cloud app from Microsoft Teams app store. If you already have the Confluence Cloud app installed, you would need to consent to app update. Go to any team where app is installed, go to Apps section and click on Confluence Cloud to give permission to update the app to enable this new functionality.

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Hi MS Team,


Thank you, would be great if you could integrate Confluence Server, or does this work with the server version? ;)


Internally we have a big confluence server implementation and are planning to roll-out Microsoft Teams. Smooth integration of Confluence would be the icing on the cake...

Keep up the good work!


Regards Philipp


I'm also interested to know more about the support for the Server version.


This post ignited some discussions in our internal network and it would be great to hear we can have this on Confluence Server version as well.


Thank you!




Thank you for the feedback @Philipp_Kohn and @MillTurnBr! We are actively working on bringing all Atlassian integrations on Teams. Please stay tuned! 

Senior Member

Upvote on server as well... This is awesome though!  Super excited about the work being done on this front.  It's a new day at Microsoft, and you all are doing amazing work!

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Indeed Teams is very strong and powerful platform I have even done my Gmail in tabs using the website option !!!


more to get from #Teams and #Microsoft 

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This worked really well.  I added this webhook in JIRA to individual workflow transitions but it appears that this isn't supported yet.  Many times you would like a Teams channel to be notified when issues reach a particular state not EVERY time the issue is updated.  The chattiness of having a webhook fire every time an issue is update may make this capability unusable.


Anyway, it works great and thanks for doing this. I look forward to the future enhancements.

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@Amit Oberoi Just noticed Jira server for Teams was fully functional now.

When Confluence Server for Teams will Be implemented? 


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Could you let me know how to install confluence cloud connector to Microsoft teams. Any link for the process would be good.


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@Amit Oberoi  Any news on the integration of MS Teams with the Server & DataCenter versions of Confluence?


Thanks for contributions all .. As said before .. Upvote on Confluence server / Microsoft Teams connector / link as well from us.  

We've been using Confluence Server ( 6.15.6 ) for some years and find it increasingly useful to build effective knowledge sharing culture (one path to follow for everything & fast & frank group dialogue etc.) in Australia.  Our USA colleagues have just announced the introduction of Microsoft Teams so would like to be on the front foot to optimise both.  Any news valued.  

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We are also waiting this plugin for Clonfluence Server.


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We are also waiting this plugin for Clonfluence Server. Any news on the integration of MS Teams with the Server version of Confluence?

Thank you, Jozsef Lehocz


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