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Hi, I could use some guidance on to why our new iOS devices are not being added to the Intune devices list upon manual enrollment through the Compoany Portal app. This all worked before, I'm unsure what changed. 

This is my usual workflow


  1. Receive new batch
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at least I got the configuration policies to work again by changing it to a user instead of a device group.

Hello All,


Is a possible forced scan on Windows Intune?


Thank you

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Dear All,



please help me on Exchange on-prem conditional access with intune same device registered twice direct and EAS


1- Direct in compliance EAS active but still can not create mail profile

2- EAS it show access denied






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We manage Corporate owned Macs in SCCM and BYOD in Intune. We need to control access with Conditional Access. When will CA support Macs? Will it work for both management tools?
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Keep an eye on the Cloud Platform Roadmap and you might happy surprised one day 😉 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/roadmap-in-development?TabIndex=1&dropValue= Read More

Is there a timeframe in which the InTune Admin Center will support either an up to dat Chrome Browser or MS Edge?

There is so much frustration around having to have 3 different browsers installed on a Windows 10 machine.


Currently the InTune Admin Center o

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True and that is frustrating to see Microsoft is neglecting to update the portal to support latest browsers.

the Intune admin center is being moved to Azure and when that happens, any modern browser will be supported. see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune-azure/introduction/what-is-microsoft-intune

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Hi, is it possible to manage W10 in VM (Hyper-V) via Intune? Thank you.

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Yes - you can manage it via MDM or via Intune PC agent. We recommend to you the MDM channel for Windwos 10 management: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/deploy-use/set-up-windows-device-management-with-microsoft-intune

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Hi all,


I have a situation of a customer without an on-prem Active Directory, only using some cloud apps, like Office 365.
They want to block access to (in first place) e-mail on non managed devices. I know I can use Conditional Access policies to set this

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Hey Peter,


We are trying to accomplish the same thing but from what we found you need ADFS.  The problem with Conditional Access is it blocks clients that use Modern Auth

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Hi Peter,


Have you tried this setting within Intune?


 If you do not want to cover all platforms with generic policy you can also select specific platforms like below:Capture.JPG


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Is there any ability to use Mobile Application Management tools for PowerApps?

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I too have asked this just recently of the PG.  They are currently looking in to adding the MAM SDK, but no committed timeline.

Hi Dean - not at the moment.

This the 3rd time in a matter of weeks that only my Pixel phone with Android 7 lost its "sync" with Outlook. I believe the problem happens when I get an update the Outlook from the Google play store(not hundred percent on this though). The first time it h

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Hi @Bradley Weir - I have a Nexus 6p, running Android 7.1.1 with both Outlook and OneDrive under MAM.  Neither are displaying such issues at this time. I assume you are a

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@Vladimir Petrosyan Have you seen this Outlook sync issue on Bradley`s Android 7?

Hi, I'm fairly new to Intune and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on this.



I am trying to create a policy that blocks all outgoing/incoming access (internet/email/RDP) when users are on an admin or priviliged account instead of th

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You could put those accounts into a new group "O365Admin Accounts" and then use Conditional Access to block some of those apps, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-conditional-access... Read More

Hi, is there an Intune Policy Settings that enforces a minimum iOS Version on registered devices?

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one of my customers has the requirement to get automatic email notifications when a new device gets enrolled in intune. I didn't find any information regarding that requirement in the intune documentation. 

Does anyone know, if that is possible?




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That is currently not available in Intune. Please submit your suggestion here: https://microsoftintune.uservoice.com/forums/291681-ideas

Our engineering team actively mon

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Lead engineer and Principal Program Manager for enterprise Cloud mobility, Dilip Radhakrishnan, offers a demo-rich overview of the latest Mobile Application Management capabilities in Microsoft Intune, including: how to define policies to stop data leakag

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Would be really nice if the Outlook app and other Office apps on Windows mobile/desktop 10 supports WIP without enrollment. Also WIP and MAM CA for O365 and SAAS/LOB apps

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