Matching formula from reference cell?

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I have a very large spreadsheet in which I occasionally want to change a specific formula across the board.  Unfortunately, the cells are not contiguous so I can't easily drag and autofill.

Is there a way to have one cell be the primary reference formula for the others to match?  For example, if I have A1:=A2-A3, how do I have B1, C1, D1 etc all say =A1 and get the function, not the value?  I want B1 to be =B2-B3, C1 to be =C2-C3, and so on.

If I change A1 to now be=A2*A3, I want B1, C1 etc do the same.


Currently simply saying =A1 just gives me whatever the result of that function is.  If A2-A3 is 7, then every other cell just ends up being 7 instead of its own unique result.

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@RandomKSM wrote:

Unfortunately, the cells are not contiguous so I can't easily drag and autofill.


That suggest a bad model.

You should change your setup.


Hi i need help with a range of text say One, two three... to one Million. , how to use auto fill to achieve this pls?

Hi, go to home tab, then to the edition subgroup and you'll see an arrow under sum symbol. click on this button and go to sequence

Yeah, it grew over time.  Each column has a different way of dealing with potential data but is broken up each day and week for subtotals.  If I drag and autofill, I paste over the subtotals.

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