IF Function


Hi There, 


I am trying to get Excel to show a result of 3 in a cell if 3 different cells contain WORDONE WORDTWO & WORDTHREE


Im using  




The formula keeps returning a result of 1 no matter if I use AND (or) OR 


Any ideas?

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Your exact formula returns 3


but perhaps you need something like


which returns the number from zero to 3, depends on how many matches. That's if order of words matters, If not, it'll be another formula.

Check the values of V4:X4. None of them might be equal to any of the values specified in the arguments of the OR function.

Thank you - just checked and the WORDTHREE was actually in capitals and the formula was Wordthree which was causing this !



That doesn't matter, comparison here is not case sensitive. Try

=IF("WORDTHREE"="Wordthree", "Same", "Different")
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