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I am new to the community and somewhat new to the formula side of excel. Working on an excel sheet created by someone else. I would like help breaking down this formula. What do the individual parts do? This formula brings in data from another workbook, not sure how that is set up.




All input greatly welcomed,

Thank you

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Hi @Colt45 









So the HLOOKUP part is trying to find a matching value to B1 across the columns of Sheet1 

it will then bring back the value from the row number that is in AD6


The IF part is checking if that returned value is "n/a" or 0 in which case it returns "" (empty cell)


Also Sheet1 is a defined Name

If you go to the Formulas menu and click Defined Name you'll see where that Sheet1 is referring toimage.png

@Wyn Hopkins


Thanks a lot, the names manager helped clear the problem.

Glad it helped
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