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I need help with finding a formula. This is what I am trying to achieve. Let's say I type in the # '100' in A1. I would like for every time I typed 'YES' in B1 (or the B column) '12' would be added to 100. For example, 'YES' in B1 my number in A1 would become '112'. I type in 'YES' in B1 and B2 my total in A1 becomes '124'. Can I get some help with this situation? Thank you.

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I want to lock value  such as 4510.83 *12=54129.96 for change my value 4935.86 instead of 4510.83

so I want to lock 4510.83 & put 4935.86


Instead of number you may use formula in A1 like

=100+COUNTIF(B:B, "Yes")*12


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