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Dear all, 


I really hope you will be able to help me on this one, It could save me lots of time. 

Basically, lets say you have the formula =A1 in cell "B3" and you want to copy this cell in cell "D3" ; the result will be =C1 

I want when copy paste from B3 to D3 that the letter stay the same but the number change by +1....as a result having =A2

If I use =$A1 the result will be $A1.

Is anyone knows the formula I should use to lock the letter but change the number to +1 when copy paste ?


Thank you very much for you help. I hope It is clear enough :)


Good evening. 


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Try the suggested formula in the attached picture.

You should copy it from cell B3 to D3 and F3.
Michael Micky) Avidan

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer to me. Unfortunately I am not as good in excel and I have tried several times but it does not seems to work. It might be from my side though. :-(


Have a great evenning





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