Calculating and expressing time worked as days hours minutes

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I have issue opened 29/10/2018  10:15    and issue closed 04/11/2018  12:00

I want to express time worked on the issue as  3 days 5 hours 5 minutes

I don't want to count time outside 5pm or before 9am or weekends or bank holidays

I have this but it doesn't do the days bit for me, it's just hours




Where A2 = 9am

B2= 5pm


A6 = 29/10/2018  10:15

B6 = 04/11/2018  12:00


I have a separate worksheet with bank holidays on 


the calculation is working it's just the expression I can't get



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Hi Georgie,


General idea is here https://exceljet.net/formula/get-days-hours-and-minutes-between-dates. To suggest concrete formula for your case could you please clarify how did you receive 3 days 5 hours 5 minutes in your sample - you have 4 workdays in between plus 06:45 on first day and 3 hours of work time on last day

Thanks very much for this, if I embed network days I should be able to make it work

I can't do it..  how do I embed the networking days and the holidays into the suggested formula

=INT(J2-E2)&"days"&TEXT(J2-E2,"h""hrs""m""mins""")  ?



As variant

=NETWORKDAYS(A5+1,B5-1,HolidayList) & " days " & TEXT(B2-(A5-INT(A5))+B5-INT(B5)-A2,"h"" hours ""m""minutes""")

but shall be modified if hours in first and last days are more than 8 hrs in sum and you'd like to consider them as 1 day plus some time, not sure about business logic here. Please see attached.


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