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I am in the process of setting up a WEC server.  I am filtering the subscription by event ID.  When filtering by these ID's:




Every thing works greats.  If I add even a single ID from the list below everything stops and no new events are logged:




I have split down the event ID's into different subscription's and tried just using random ones from the list of event's that are not working but nothing.


Does anyone have any ideas on this?


Any help would be appreciated.


Kind regards

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Any ideas from anyone?

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For anyone that is interested, I fixed this by by creating a subscription per event log and filtering the subscription by the specific ID for that log.  I also noticed that for any subscription with more than 20 event id's in the filter it didn't like it so I again split down to ensure I had no more than 20 event ID in any filter.


All is working now.


I hope this helps someone.


Enjoy :)