Help Needed With Server 2019 Download issues

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I am aware that I will have to do a clean install but I can't even get a complete download.  I have tried every version  none of them complete.  There used to be a work around for that with a usb/dvd installation program.  The last one I had was issued with one of the preview builds of 10 but that didn't work either.  Any help would be appreciated

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I am unable to reproduce the issue. I was able to download the 17692 ISO without issue in about 4-5 minutes. Which specific image are you attempting to download? What browser are you using?

I was able to finally download, to answer your browser question at first I was using Edge I couldn't get it to download at all. I switched to Chrome and downloaded in 30 minutes. However I lost all of my network drivers and when I was finally able to get them restored I lost a component of server manager. I have tried reinstalling, installing just core but that kills my network adapters again. I attempted to return to Windows 10 Pro server won't let me. I have one more option to try lets hope it works...needless to say my experimentation with server 2019 was not successful. However I am not giving up just yet.

My apologies, but we were unable to reproduce the issues you were having with downloading Windows Server ISOs using Edge. There is a community at where you might be able to find help for your specific issue.