VPN Server Role - Windows Server 2016 - cannot ping domain from client

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Hi guys!  Need some help.  I successfully installed and configured the role.  And on my domain-joined W7 client I created the connection.  I connect to the home WiFi and can login to the local domain I have, and then I can connect to the VPN connection and ping the domain, and any IP resources like servers, NAS etc.  can browse network shares in a folder window.



If I connect OUTSIDE my LAN, via a pocket WiFi, then connect to the same VPN connection (using the URL which is setup via DYNDNS and port-forwarding 1723 on router) domain cannot be pinged and I cannot bring up network shares in a folder window.  I CAN ping any IP in the network, however, via the command line prompt.

Any ideas??  This is driving me NUTS.

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