VPN routing with private IP's

Roger Poore
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Let's get this party started....


  • Windows 2012 R2
  • nic1 = public IP =
  • nic1 gateway =
  • nic2 = private IP =
  • VPN issuing the range to
  • VPN server only---no Direct Access
  • Lab server =
  • Our networking team has set up routes in the routing table for the private network


I am not a networking person.  Just want to get that out there.  I'm setting up a VPN server for some of our students to use in order to connect to labs remotely.   I can connect to the VPN server and I get issued  But I can't go anywhere.  Trace route shows the next hop as (the start of the VPN client IP range).  I can ping that but that's it.  I'm assuming that the VPN server configures that first IP in the client range as the gateway for VPN connections.  Yes/no/maybe?  That seems to be the behavior anyway. 


I've tried various static routes on the VPN server to no avail.  The networking team seems to the think it's an issue on their end having to do with VLAN tagging but I think it's an issue with the VPN server and its routing.    Either way, all I know is that it doesn't work. 


I'm going to install wireshark and see what I can see but I thought I'd just go ahead and ask here.  Plus, I get to be the first poster in the Windows Server Networking space!!


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Hi Roger,


Have you tried verify if your VPN Client are using Remote Network Gateway?


Check this link below and see if it can provide you some troubleshooting thoughts:



And great, I get to be the first responder in the Windows Server Networking space. :)


Hi Ryen,
I don't see "MVP" near your name or my :)
Maybe I'm missing something...
Still examines the interface Smiley Frustrated


@R A wrote:

Hi Ryen,
I don't see "MVP" near your name or my :)
Maybe I'm missing something...
Still examines the interface Smiley Frustrated


Hi Ronen,


We may just have to wait... Hopefully before it goes live to public. Smiley Happy

Oh man, I completely forgot about this.  Thanks for being the first responder @Ryen Tang.  Yeah, I saw that link.  We ended up using public IP's and moved on.  Thanks again for responding though.

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