Server Manager won't load after installing Multipoint server role

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Hello dear community


maybe someone can help me with my issue.

After i installed Multipoint, my server manager won't load correctly, it opens but only shows the loading bar, but not all of my installed roles and services.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, how ca i fix this?


when i uninstall multipoint, the server manager is loading just fine. i reproduced it on a fresh install of a windows server 2019 but the result was the same.


thank you very much for your suggestions and help



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According to the following Features removed or planned for replacement starting with Windows Server, version 1803 page by Microsoft it states the following:


And I’m not 100% surely it. Will waiting other people comments.

 I hope all of you and your teams are fine in this COVID-19 period. :upside_down_face:
Sorry for weakness in my English.





Thank you very much for this information. So i guess we have to roll with that.


Best regards and stay safe too