Dedup for ReFS

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Robert here from Austria (Partner HPE).

What is the rough plan about the GA of 1703-codebase Server 2k16 to be able to use Dedup for ReFS ?



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Quote from insider release notes: Efficiency Data Deduplication available for ReFS New Data Deduplication DataPort API for optimized ingress/egress Space efficiency with ReFS Compaction Performant Spaces Direct Multi Resilient Volumes (MRV)

Hi Robert,


Yes, in the coming Windows Server, version 1709 release Dedup will be supported with ReFS and this is to enable Dedup on Storage Spaces Direct solutions with ReFS.


We have done integration with Dedup and Mirror-accelorated Parity volumes, that data is first written to the Mirror partition to achieve extremely fast write performance.  Then when data is rotated from the Mirror to the Parity partition the data is then dedup'd.  This enables dedup'ing the data in the most optimized data.