Cross-forest roaming user profiles

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hello ,

currently we have a forest A where citrix VDI solution are implemented and users are configured (via GPOs) to use roaming user profiles and folder redirect which are all stored in a fileserver cluster. we are doing a crossforest migration to forest B using ADMT and native exchange scripts. the goal is we want a migrated user(forest B) to log on Remote desktop session host on old domain (forest A) and access their user profiles and folders which is still on fileserver on forest A. all users are migrated with sidhistory.

i have configured GPOs in new forest to configure roaming profiles and folder redirections to point to the same location (fileserver in forest a) . also enabled policy allow cross-forest policy and roaming profiles. still when a migrated user logs in (forestB\user) i receive an error ,failed to locate roaming profile and local copy is used.

how can we achieve this scenario , i though that because sid history is migrated ,that the migrated user will have the same permissions to access profile and folders as the source user is (forest A\user)

apperciate your help

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