Welcome to the Windows PowerShell Community!


By popular demand we have created a Windows PowerShell community on the Microsoft Tech Community!  Please post questions, best practices and answer questions posted here!  Make sure you use labels suggested in each post to help people find your posts. 


We are looking for suggestions on new spaces to create here so let us know if you have recommendations on what we can do here to make this community a great place for everyone to learn more about Windows PowerShell.

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There don't appear to be any "Spaces" in the PowerShell Community. I may be missing something, but I don't see how to start a topic without a "Space" and I don't see a way to create a "Space".

I think I figured out how to start a new topic, but it still doesn't quite show up correctly. Possibly since there are no spaces?
We're ironing out a bug right now but a quick hack would be to click 'Windows PowerShell' link next to my name.

Awesome! Thank You!

It may be a great start to have the Community have different 'Spaces' each for some of the main things you mentioned in your post. Best Practices, Example Code/Situations, etc. Just thinking that may keep it from becoming too much of a 'Everything in one pot' situation.

Hi @Mike Riston we're using labels for now for that and if there is enough momentum for some of these labels we can create a specific space for them.

Would it be beneficial to have a space for Powershell for Linux?

@Maximo Trinidad asked the same thing over in the Windows Server PowerShell Community. Just-wondering-if-there-is-a-chance-of-having-a-special-section


Probably a good idea to keep things a little seperate, but I'm even slightly confused why there are two different complete communities for POSH. Shouldn't the general 'PowerShell' community be a top-tier with possibly seperate Spaces underneath as 'level 2' sections? PowerShell is the base technology for both PowerShell communities, after all. The only thing that is different is the use cases.

As we know there are two PowerShell areas: Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Open Source. They are different indeed but reaching the same goal: "System Automation".


The dilemma might be, PowerShell Open Source, everyone can provide feedback/issues and collaborate with development (no NDA restrictions).  Now, with Windows PowerShell, you can provide feedback, but it still remains under Microsoft NDA restrictions.


So maybe having a Space for PowerShell, then under it we could possibly have:

1. Windows PowerShell

2. PowerShell Open Source

3. General Best Practice

4. Community


This will still evolve to have more favorites!



Perhaps in the future when its officially released. Right now PowerShell Core is still in Alpha I believe.

Hi Anna,


Just wondering if is possible to move my trend I previously posted under "Windows Server PowerShell" before this new section "Windows PowerShell" became available.  I got some post that will be interesting for poeple interested in PowerShell Open Souce.



Maximo Trinidad

How about Testing Powershell or Pester in Powershell.  An important topic/space for the community.