Silent install of OpenJDK MSI

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I am trying to silent install an MSI in PowerShell.


Need silent install because I am doing it when building my Windows JDK11 docker image.


First download the AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK 11



Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile C:\Temp\openjdk11.msi



Trying with silent install:



Start-Process -Wait -FilePath msiexec -ArgumentList /i, "C:\Temp\openjdk11.msi", "ADDLOCAL=\"FeatureMain,FeatureEnvironment,FeatureJarFileRunWith,FeatureJavaHome\"", "INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\Java\"", /quiet




The install process just hangs there forever.

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The solutions was

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath msiexec -ArgumentList /i, "C:\Temp\openjdk11.msi", "ADDLOCAL=FeatureMain,FeatureEnvironment,FeatureJarFileRunWith,FeatureJavaHome", 'INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Java"', /quiet -Verb RunAs