Power shell script which shows list of RBAC role, Azure resource for all Users in Azure


Hi. I'm pretty new to PowerShell and trying out things. I'm trying to form a PowreShell script which shows list consists of Azure resource name, RBAC role, Username against it( all users included even in groups). I got to know that, we can see all users in group with this Get-AzAdGroupMember command. I tried to tweak for what I've found here in community into below, but I'm hitting to an error as shown below, I'm sure i was doing some syntax/silly mistakes, Can anyone please help me here?


ForEach ($Resource in Get-AzResource) {
    $RoleAssignments=Get-AZRoleAssignment -ResourceGroupName $Resource.ResourceGroupName -ResourceName $Resource.Name -ResourceType $resource.type
    $new=Get-AzADGroupMember -DisplayName $RoleAssignments.DisplayName 
    foreach ($new in $RoleAssignment){
    ForEach ($RoleAssignment in $RoleAssignments){
        $Resource | Select-Object @{Name="Azure Resource name";Expression={$Resource.Name}},
error message: 
Get-AzADGroupMember : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'DisplayName'.
At line:3 char:30
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Hello @printscreen,

You are using wrong parameter name it should be GroupDisplayName not DisplayName

    $new=Get-AzADGroupMember -GroupDisplayName $RoleAssignments.DisplayName 


Hope that helps.