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I haven't been heavy into and OS/Net since there was an 8 bit chip, the 8080, the network, ARPENET, an ?OS? was nicknamed DOS, and a CLI was a new toy the software weenies made us us use to program a new gadget called a UVPROM. Like the title says Oooooooold-B.


Getting up to date:

Out of curiosity or sadomasochistic tendency I decided to learn, as I do manage a few users, what this monstrosity has grown into; as we use to say, "Only D-Shadow know what lurks in the hearts of logic circuits". So the burning questions of the day are:

Is windows powershell a progression from the old tools, BASIC CLI, CMD, various debuggers et-al?

Is the modern day script, Java, powershell ..., a progression from the .BAT, .CMD files of old?


My user question is:


My users aren't real insightful when it comes to the concept of a "Window" and it's context but they do understand the keyboard button press. It used to be a run command and an applications Run line switches (/xxx) were published so a programable keyboard could be configures. It appears that explorer.exe has been mystified. All I can find is data on run line switch definition or the editing of shortcuts but no real detail for items like "path" as in /n, path for the explorer.exe run line. Does this this exist? Are there any tutorial videos like the Powershell videos I'm currently watching to learn from on this?


BTW, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for implementing the Alias :)


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