ISE keeps freezing following the latest windows10 update.

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I have just updated my version of windows 10


build version.PNG


And now I have the "privilege "of having the PowerShell ISE edit window  freeze / go modal. It seems to do this without even running any code.  No other applications are affected. 






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The only time I see that is when resolution changes or the display goes to sleep, occasionally. But that's an old issue, I've definitely had it with previous W10 builds. Anyway, ISE is no longer developed, although I do like it more than the alternatives it's time to move on.

@Vasil Michev .. To be honest I tend not to use the ISE . It is only because of the  recent update to VSCode the PowerShell preview extension: debugger  has stopped working - just hangs there and never hits any breakpont .  The team have traced a NRE but it appears the problem is VSCode.   Not nice have both of these not working at the same time :persevering_face:.

@Daniel Westerdale I have exactly the same problem and can reproduce on other computers.



Yes this timely,  I have got a load of  script I am updating in VSCode and it really is Russian roulette as to


  • Debug in VSCode with ms-vscode.powershell-preview extension and see if this still freezes with <F5> . Note the team are aware of this issue and have just released  2019.12.0 so worth trying.
  • Debug in the ISE and see if I get the  issue  under discussion.  Note, did get a windows update last week so be good to see if this fixes anything.



@Vasil MichevThis happens for me every time when I get an MS-Teams call. After closing/minimizing the Teams window all ISE-windows are frozen and even the Taskbar-Context menu is not able to close the windows and/or process. I need to switch to Task-Manager to cancel the process-tree. In sum that is a terrible experinece for a Powershell programmer.