How to get the NextLifecycleDate using MG-Graph

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Hi All, I have powershell scripts using the MSOLService connections and getting the license expiry details like 


$Subscriptions= Get-MsolSubscription | foreach{


But Now We are migrating to MG-GRAPH and I don't find the required details in MG-GRAPH commands (subscribedSku).


Please advise how to get those details in MG-GRAPH


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This is as close as Graph gets, I believe:



The commandlet associated with this resource type is:





Hi Lain,

Thanks for your reply!!!

If I use the Get-MgSubscribedSku - I didnt get the License expiry details like if i use Get-MsolSubscription. Is there any option to get the license expiry details.

Please advise.



I can't see an equivalent resource, no.


Looking at this older post from September 2019, it looks like this is yet another case of something exposed via Azure AD that was never ported across to Microsoft Graph.