How Do I - Run a PS Script automatically when Insert USB drive to verify credentials, start program?

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I want to have a PowerShell script that runs automatically when I insert a USB drive.  Here's exactly what I want to see happen:


Step 1.   -- Insert USB

Step 2.   -- A script runs automatically that pops up a window requesting I enter my credentials

Step 3.   -- Those credentials are verified against Active Directory

Step 4.   -- If the credentials are good, then a program is executed (let's say outlook.exe)

Step 5.   -- If the credentials are bad, it prompts me a maximum of 3 times before NOT running the program and displaying a bad credentials message or something to that effect.


Info:  The program (outlook or anything), PowerShell, and the script will all be on the USB drive.


Please forgive me if something like this is already posted but I did a search and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and I promise to contribute when I become good at this.  



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