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I am trying to generate GPO Report for remote machines using powershell command. When i try to run the below powershell command in administrator mode :

Get-GPResultantSetOfPolicy -Computer vdi1 -ReportType HTML -Path c:\temp\dc1rsop.html

i am getting the error as report cannot be generated for user  because there is no RSOP logging data for that user on that computer . Kindly advice how to get GPO report for a list of remote computers.

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You're running it from your machine connecting to a remote machine using admin credentials... But that account isn't really logged into that machine, hence the error... When running reports from the Group Policy Managent machine, you can specify the machine and the user logged into the computer if any to get a report. Or you can use the planning mode to see what certain things like merge/replace would do or when a user is or is not member of a group.

What is your goal in getting RSOP data from remote computers including the user settings? If you do a report on one computer which is in the same OU as all other computers together with a few users who login to those computers using the reporting options in the Group Policy console.. Would that be enough?
Do you have any more information for us?