Command New-DistributionGroup doesn't work

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Hi Guys,


I am really new with Powershell, so I apologise, if I can't be very clear with the description of my problem.

My Company uses Microsoft 365 and I wanted to use Powershell  and the command : 

New-DistributionGroup  -Name because I wanted to creat a Group for a RoomList.

I get the following error.



I connect to ExchangeOnline via powerShell:


Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


I Globlal Admin

I have installed the exchange module

Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

in the powrshell help I can only find 3 commands with New-D but not the one mentioned in microsoft.




What am I doing wrong?


When use the Command Get-DistributionGroup, i can see the Details


Many thanks in Advance.



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Hi, Eduardo.


Don't worry about not seeing the command in the PowerShell ISE as by default it's only aware of modules installed on your computer at first. If you want to see the Exchange Online commandlets loaded as part of connecting, then you have to perform the connection inside the ISE, not outside of it, and then you'll see the module name in the list (prefixed with "tmpEXO" and then a randomised suffix) - as shown below:




Putting the ISE to the side for a moment, here's three basic commandlets you can run from any old PowerShell prompt to incrementally check if you have access to the commandlets you're wanting to use:



# Connect to Exchange Online.
Connect-ExchangeOnline -Organization -ShowBanner:$false;

# Quick confirmation that we're connected without issues - see the example screenshot below for the output from this command.
Get-ConnectionInformation | Format-Table -AutoSize -Property Name, Organization, TokenStatus, UserPrincipalName;

# Check if we can see any of the distribution list commandlets.
Get-Command -Module ((Get-Module -Name "tmpexo*").Name) -Name *distr*;






If you don't find the ones you're after listed, then you don't have access and you'll need to step back and check your access rights - and that you're logged in with the correct account (as it's common in secured environments to have a separate account for performing administrative tasks) - before trying again.






Hello Lain,

Thank you very much for your quick Response.
I have executed the commands you suggested and from the response I see on the screen, my accesses are correct and active.

In the last command I don't see: New-DistributionGroup, it means it doesn't exit ?


Is the New-DistributionGroup command active for you?




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Hi, Eduardo.


That's what I was expecting to hear.


The commandlet definitely exists, however, when you run Connect-ExchangeOnline, only the commandlets you have access to are loaded.


If you don't see a particular command, it means the account you have logged in with during Connect-ExchangeOnline does not have enough access to see and use that commandlet.


Using the following article's guidance, we can see which roles give access to New-DistributionGroup:



(Get-ManagementRole -Cmdlet New-DistributionGroup).Name |
    ForEach-Object {
        Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role $_ -Delegating:$false | Format-Table -AutoSize Role, RoleAssigneeType, RoleAssigneeName;





So, we can see from this that the account you logged in with using Connect-ExchangeOnline needs to be a member of either:


  • Organization Management
  • Recipient Management


The one thing that is for certain is that if you're not seeing the command, your account does not have the necessary rights to do so. It's not a problem with the commandlet not existing.




You were right, I have now added the missing roles to the account and was able to use the New-DistributiuonGroup command.
Again thank you very much for your patience and help.




No problem!


Glad you got it sorted, and you'll get used to PowerShell quickly - you're doing fine already.