Windows Server 2019 non-owner node cannot see Cluster Name or IP

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I am trying to build a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group with 2 nodes in Azure. I have created 2 SQL Server VMs and Managed to create a Cluster with both Nodes member of that cluster. 


I have followed the steps in this Article of building the Windows Clusters

with 1 significant change, I used powershell to create the cluster. 


New-Cluster -Name SQLClusterName -Node ("SQLNode1","SQLNode2") –StaticAddress -NoStorage -ManagementPointNetworkType Singleton


Because if I used Failover Cluster Manager to build the cluster it did not created Cluster Core Resources and I did not gave me the option to select an IP for the cluster. 


Anyway, once the cluster has been configured, I tried to configure AlwaysOn Availability Group, but the wizard fails to create Always on Availability Group, complains about it cannot connect to the Cluster. 


I went on both Nodes and what I have realised is that I can ping to the Cluster Name or IP and get a response only from the Owner Node. From the cluster Non-owner node I could not ping the cluster name or IP. If I failover the cluster to the 2nd node the I ping behaviour will be contra versa.


Has everyone else experienced this issue? Is so, how you managed to resolve it? Any help or a pointer in the right direction is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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@Aallee did you get this working ? I have a similar issue. No IP for the cluster , it seems that in 2019 there is a DNN functionality which has been introduced. 

Also to add to this - only the active node can access the client access point.. 


any thoughts