Storage Migration Service - Action isn't available remotely | destination proxy wasn't found.

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Hi team. 

I have a server that needs to be migrated. The destination is a brand new 2019 copy of Windows. 

The server which I am running the job from, the orchestrator is also a 2019 version. 

When I am running the validation test on the destination, the errors are;


Warning: Action isn't available remotely.
Warning: The destination proxy wasn't found.
Based on the known issues page this issue is caused "If you have not installed the Storage Migration Service Proxy service on the Windows Server 2019 destination computer, or the destination computer is Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012 R2, this behavior is by design."
When I first got the error, the SMS role was not actually installed on the destination server. I installed it on the destination, restarted multiple times and ensured the service is running. 
I have restarted the SMS service's on the orchestrator and run another validation. Failed. 
I would think that somehow the orchestrator has already decided that the destination server is bad, and would not change it even after running a validation test. 
How can I ensure validation passes?
Or, can I proceed to next steps even with a failed validation?
Thanks a lot!
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