Convenient access to AD, DNS, DHCP, other domain wide services?

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I've installed the extensions for Active Directory, DNS and DHCP, but I'd like to make the connections to these domain-wide services more convenient to access.  It seems a bit redundant to have to first select a server and connect to the domain-wide service from there.  I did create a bunch of browser bookmarks to provide a one-click connection to the service.  But am I missing a trick in WAC console to expose these extensions on the home screen?


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Sounds good. It would also be great if each WAC section could be opened in a different tab. so for example on one tab you could use powershell, another you manage DNS and so on.
When managing a server, you can ctrl-click (or click the mouse wheel, if supported) to open the tools in new browser tabs.
Can't get this to work. Where do I click? I'm looking for something that I can invoke from the home page of WAC...