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Hi, I was wondering how numerous people are having trouble with the new Creator's Update/ Upgrade. I got my HP Notebook inMay.In August, I" needed" to modernize my sequestration settings, because I was getting a free upgrade from my Windows 10 Home Edition interpretation 1511 to the New Creator's interpretation of Windows 10. I allowed the upgrade in late August. Within days my Laptop was dead. I transferred it in for form and they had to replace the HDD and MB. The day after my Laptop was back over and running, the same thing happen. Again, the HDD & MB had to be replaced. I did not make the connection until I got my Laptop back and the third attempt to upload the upgrade( each time transferred from Microsoft, in case you are wondering). My Laptop stopped streamlining, the memory started to snappily dissipate, and also the System Config went haywire and I was unfit to turn on the PC, I had error dispatches and blue- defenses telling me the System Config was loose and a recent upgrade was the problem. Luckily, I was suitable to reset the Laptop, but it lags and has some trouble streamlining still. My conclusion, The Creator's update is corrupted and needs a lot of fixes. Please be apprehensive before you decide to upgrade your system


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