August 2022 – Language support and management updates for Viva Topics
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Microsoft Viva Topics uses AI to empower people with knowledge and expertise in the apps they use every day.



This week, we’re excited to spotlight our language indexing support for Viva Topics - and new admin capabilities to help you shape and deliver knowledge at scale to your organization.


Multilanguage indexing in Viva Topics.

This month, we’re rolling out support for Viva Topics to index content and generate topics from documents written in French, German, and Spanish (as well as English). Topics can be edited and experienced in your selected language. Later this year, we will expand language support for Italian and Portuguese content, with Japanese and Simplified Chinese coming in 2023.


Today, our customers are engaged in Viva Topics globally. Although Viva Topics has supported English since launch, content is written in many languages. Now, Viva Topics can identify knowledge in any of our supported language sources and aggregate them into a single linked topic when they share a common topic name.


A sample topic in English



The same topic in Spanish


Our support for multilingual indexing builds on multilingual interface support, which allows the Viva Topics UI to be displayed in over forty languages. Your language preference can be set in each application (e.g., Teams, SharePoint, Outlook) and Viva Topics uses your preferences to show topic content in other languages.



Multilingual support for viewing and curating a topic page in Spanish, French, or German


Soon, we’ll empower you to merge topics discovered by our AI across multiple languages – for example, linking “Allemagne,” “Deutschland” and “Germany.”


Topics are first edited in the tenant’s default language. Then you can curate topics in additional supported languages. Topics also uses the tenant’s default language as a “fall back.” For example, in an English language tenant, if a topic is missing a description in German, Viva Topics will show the English description, when available. Viva Topics doesn’t automatically translate extracted content among languages but supports human-driven curation and augmentation of discovered topics.


Full details on supporting Viva Topics multilingual curation and publishing process can be found in our support documents


Multilingual support will be released to general availability on August 16, 2022. Admins don’t need to activate it to take advantage of our expanded AI capabilities. See Roadmap ID 72186 for more information.


Enhanced topic management dashboard

In the past year, our customers have indexed over two billion documents with Viva Topics, generating millions of topics. Managing high volumes of discovered knowledge takes attention. And indexing content from more languages will further accelerate the growth of your knowledge base.


That's why we're proud to unveil our enhanced topic management dashboard.


The new topic management dashboard allows you to view a consolidated list of topics rather than having separate lists per life cycle (Suggest, Confirmed, Published). This makes it easier to find, sort, and filter based on lifecycle, name, update, quality, engagement and more to focus on the precise sections of your knowledge base that need additional attention.

ChrisMcNulty_10-1659973275362.pngTopic management dashboard


Our enhanced topic management road map has been in private preview for several months, and we'll roll it out to general availability customers in August 2022. Please see roadmap ID 72182 for more details.



We’d love to get your thoughts her on the Tech Community or on our community feedback forum.  You can also use the "Feedback" on the topic page itself, to communicate directly with the product team.


Check out the Microsoft Viva blog to learn more about product updates coming to Viva Topics and other Viva modules. For more guidance, we recommend reading our three-part series: The Journey to Viva Topics adoption success or visiting the Viva Adoption Hub.  Thank you.


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