Microsoft Viva Pulse is now generally available!
Published Jul 18 2023 08:30 AM 9,236 Views

Today, we’re excited to announce that Microsoft Viva Pulse is now generally available for customers worldwide.


Viva Pulse empowers managers and project leads to easily request regular, confidential feedback, so they can understand their team needs and take action using team and project-based surveys available in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams and web app experience.



Quickly receive and act on feedback

With Viva Pulse, managers and project leads can request ad-hoc feedback on topics to better understand their team’s needs and address them in the moment. Pre-populated, research-validated survey templates help zero in on important topics such as change management or work situations. Managers and leads can also customize templates to meet their unique team needs.


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Get timely analysis

Viva Pulse provides a snapshot of team sentiment to help managers and project leads get quick feedback and adjust actions, if needed.


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Make necessary changes with recommended actions

Managers and teams leads can easily see progress over time and suggested next steps based on the feedback results to help address their team’s feedback.


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Try Viva Pulse today and hear what your team has to say!

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