Teams Webinar registration link fails

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I launched a new webinar on Teams and promoted the registration link. After a few hours around 20 people had registered. However, I then noticed that the option to "Manage the event" had disappeared and the registration link took me to


You can probably see it failing if you go here:

In the image below you can see that there is no longer an option to manage the event. Perhaps this is a short-term issue with Teams. But I am not sure what to do as I have people who managed to register and it all seems to have stopped working!

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 20.47.57.png

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@James_Cannings I am experiencing a similar issue. I can see your link is now working, what steps did you take to resolve please?

Hi @E_mma

I had a slightly nervous night, hoping that it was a glitch and that it was sonething on the Microsoft end that might resolve itself. In the morning I was much relieved to see that it was all working again.


It's really not much fun once you've started promoting a webinar to have this happen. Fingers crossed it resolves itself for you.