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 Apr 14 2021
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The function of being able to log on to windows without a password or code or anything but the press of a button needs to be brought back NOW. They are our systems we should choose if we want to have to log on every time not microsoft. Thanks for playing parent but we are big people and we want to not have a password/code if we choose. Second, remove the annoying download start and finish chime from windows as well. This is a function that should never have been implemented. We know when we are downloading for gods sake. Too **bleep** user friendly, bring back the old stuff, where the user had more control over their own systems.



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Thank you for taking time to provide feedback, unfortunately this ideas board is to provide feedback, ideas or suggestions about the Microsoft Tech Community and we are unable to assist you with your Idea for Windows. I would suggest posting your feedback in the Windows Community or via the Windows feedback tool included in windows.