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.Net development



 Oct 31 2017
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There doesn't seem to be a community solely for .net development. Can we create one? Or have I just missed it?  Maybe a separate one for .net core also?

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@Tony Kenny


Thanks for the idea, I think what we don't want to do is create multiple spaces for the same thing and we already have a .Net Development forum over at MSDN.


With that in mind, this is not an idea we would take further at this time.

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Hi community,


Im trying to install dotnetfx35setup.exe on a test windows 10 laptop, I have managed to remove .net Framework 4.8 Advanced Services now when I run the above .exe file, a windows features box appears  stating "An app on your pc needs the following windows feature: .net framework3.5. From here there is an option to download and install this feature from windows update.


The windows feature box then tries to download the required files and then I receive the following error message after a minute or so:   The changes could not be completed Error Code:0x800F0954 and help or guidance on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.