Merge the [Cut] and [Paste] function

Merge the [Cut] and [Paste] function



 Sep 06 2021
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Hi all, 


I was wondering if it would work for you to merge the functionalities of Cut and Paste, replacing the Pasted text with the Cut text in the clipboard. It could be tied to another Ctrl + [KEY] shortcut. 



Text 1: Visit here the Microsoft website. 

Text 2:


You have a form that asks you what's your favourite website and by mistake you copy and paste Text 1. Normally, you'd copy Text 2, then paste it in the form, over Text 1 and then go and Copy text 1 again for whatever need you have. But if you could merge the Cut and Paste functionality, when you Paste Text 2 over Text 1, the Text 1 gets automatically "copied" in the clipboard, saving you some time and frustration. 


Many thanks. 

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Thanks for the idea! However, this space is only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for Microsoft products. Sorry about that.