Sep 29 2022
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I wanted to share this idea I have. I would really want to start working on it but for that I need some support. The idea is that while I was using my laptop and I had to select @ symbol which I was not able to select with one key since it does not have separate key on the keyboard. I totally understand the idea of minimizing keys on keyboard because it has to be accessible. I realized that selection of different symbols and others keys we all have to use shift button. This sometimes really gets irritating if you type a lot like me. Especially when you have your nails done it gets more hard. I was thinking why not making it accessible to everyone by creating the feature in keyboard and excluding the use of shift key. It could be having the same to be used for features for instance key for 1 has ! as well. The same key can be press one time if you would want to use 1 like it is right now in all kinds of laptops. But for the ! Increasing the time of selecting the key results ! will be typed. Which would make ease for tons of people. I understand the pain when you type fast and has to select two keys. I usually likes to do multi tasking I would type with one hand but I have to use sometime both hands to select symbols and other characters. It sounds very simple but I feel like it would be big change and ease for all of us. 

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Hello! Thanks for the idea. However, this idea space is only meant for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for other products, services or hardware as you have described. Sorry about that.