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Hi, I was taking test of my class yesterday. It was a graded test . I have asked my students to turn on their cameras but I can see only few on the screen. I cannot shuffle them. For monitoring point of view it's very important to shuffle students. I click on the names of rest of students one by one by even manually I cannot shuffle them up. How can I fix this problem. Can anybody help?
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@Saraiqbal2020, I am not sure if this feature really supported. I am checking it internally.

I m still waiting for the response. I conducted a test today. For online test, it is requirement set by our University that cameras of the students must be on. I could see only few faces. When I sent personal messages to students regarding turning on of their cameras, they replied that they had turned their cameras on.

@Saraiqbal2020, Sorry for the delay - this is feature is not supported. You can go ahead and raise the feature request in UserVoice.