Microsoft Azure Management Pack Crashes

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We have been using the Microsoft Azure MP for quite a while now with little to no problems, but the latest version available ( do now allow us to edit an existing monitoring template. 

As soon as the subscription tab have loaded the data from Microsoft Azure the dialogue crashes and the entire console with it. 
Running it with cleared cache does nothing to fix it, same goes for running the console as admin. I have tried on server OS and client OS and on multiple servers and management groups. 


This environment is using Swedish locale and keyboard with English language, which is basically standard setup in Sweden. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but might be useful to know. 


Now... I have seen other discussions where a version of this management pack is mentioned back in May 2021, but I cannot find it for download anywhere. 
This puts us in quite the pickle, because the amount of azure monitoring we are doing now makes a downgrade of the Microsoft Azure MP a no-go and our customers want to be able to update their monitoring setup to add new resources. should be pulled to begin with. And the fixed version should be published ASAP. 

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Update on this; After contacting the MP support (through email address in mp guide) they sent a version that works. It's a CTP, so you'd have to contact them yourself if you have this problem.