Certificate error in health Explorer, in the future...

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Hi everyone, I have a strange behavior in OpsMgr Health Explorer for events that happened in the future (two occurrence so far) but I do not know how to correct them.


I will take the first one and if there is a solution I'll apply it to the second case.


It is a certificate lifespan issue where the computer moved from one location to another on the network but the communication with the management group seem OK.


So back to the cert, the State Change Event in problem is happening on March 19th in 2022 and the second line is a proper date (right now it is April 6th 2021). 


Now in the description of the event (the one in the future), I can see a line saying has expired on January 12th 2021 but on the server, the certificate with the same Serial Number is valid until January 11th 2025.


I there a way to suppress that entry on the database, or is there a tool that can help me do it or any other command that I can run to correct the issue?


I have tried the Recalculate Health, Reset Health, Rediscover Certificate form the MP but nothing changed so far.


Thank you all for your help!



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